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Miscellaneous Writings



Mary Baker Eddy

Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science

and Author of Science and Health with

Key to the Scriptures

Published by the

Trustees under the Will of Mary Baker G. Eddy

Boston, U. S. A.

Copyright, 1896

By Mary Baker G. Eddy

Copyright renewed, 1924


Chapter I. Introductory.
A Timely Issue.
Love Your Enemies.
Christian Theism.
The New Birth.
Chapter II. One Cause And Effect.
Chapter III. Questions And Answers.
Chapter IV. Addresses.
Christian Science In Tremont Temple.
Science And The Senses.
Extract From My First Address In The Mother Church, May 26, 1895
Address Before The Alumni Of The Massachusetts Metaphysical College,
Address Before The Christian Scientist Association Of The Massachusetts
Metaphysical College, In 1893
Communion Address, January, 1896
Message To The Annual Meeting Of The Mother Church, Boston, 1896
Chapter V. Letters.
To The Mother Church.
To ——, On Prayer.
To The National Christian Scientist Association.
To The College Association.
To The National Christian Scientist Association.
To The First Church Of Christ, Scientist, Boston.
To Donors Of Boat, From Toronto, Canada.
Address,—Laying The Corner-Stone.
To The First Church Of Christ, Scientist, Boston
The First Members Of The First Church Of Christ, Scientist, Boston,
Extract From A Letter
To The Mother Church
To First Church Of Christ, Scientist, In Oconto
To First Church Of Christ, Scientist, In Scranton
To First Church Of Christ, Scientist, In Denver
To First Church Of Christ, Scientist, In Lawrence
To Correspondents
To Students
To A Student
To A Student
Extract From A Christmas Letter
Chapter VI. Sermons.
A Christmas Sermon
Editor’s Extracts From Sermon
Extract From A Sermon Delivered In Boston, January 18, 1885
Sunday Services on July Fourth
Easter Services
Bible Lessons
Chapter VII. Pond And Purpose.
Chapter VIII. Precept Upon Precept
“Thy Will Be Done”
“Put Up Thy Sword”
Scientific Theism
Mental Practice
Taking Offense
Hints To The Clergy
Perfidy And Slander
Improve Your Time
Thanksgiving Dinner
Christian Science
Mrs. Eddy Sick
“I’ve Got Cold”
“Prayer And Healing”
Veritas Odium Parit
Address On The Fourth Of July At Pleasant View, Concord, N. H., Before
2,500 Members Of The Mother Church, 1897
Well Doinge Is The Fruite Of Doinge Well
Little Gods
Advantage Of Mind-Healing
A Card
Spirit And Law
Heart To Heart
Things To Be Thought Of
Unchristian Rumor
Close Of The Massachusetts Metaphysical College
Malicious Reports
Loyal Christian Scientists
The March Primary Class
Obtrusive Mental Healing
Judge Not
New Commandment
A Cruce Salus
Comparison to English Barmaids
A Christian Science Statute
Advice To Students
Deification Of Personality
A Card
Overflowing Thoughts
A Great Man And His Saying
Words Of Commendation
Church And School
Class, Pulpit, Students’ Students
My Students And Thy Students
Unseen Sin
A Word To The Wise
Message To The Mother Church
Chapter IX. The Fruit Of Spirit
An Allegory
Voices Of Spring
“Where Art Thou?”
Divine Science
True Philosophy And Communion
Origin Of Evil
Truth Versus Error
Fallibility Of Human Concepts
The Way
Science And Philosophy
“Take Heed!”
The Cry Of Christmas-Tide
Blind Leaders
“Christ And Christmas”
Sunrise At Pleasant View
Chapter X. Inklings Historic
Chapter XI. Poems
Come Thou
Meeting Of My Departed Mother And Husband
Woman’s Rights
The Mother’s Evening Prayer
Wish And Item
The Oak On The Mountain’s Summit
Isle Of Wight
To Mr. James T. White
Christ My Refuge
“Feed My Sheep”
Communion Hymn
Laus Deo!
A Verse
Chapter XII. Testimonials


Loyal Christian Scientists
In This And Every Land
I Lovingly Dedicate These Practical Teachings
Indispensable To The Culture And Achievements Which
Constitute The Success Of A Student
And Demonstrate The Ethics
Of Christian Science

Mary Baker Eddy


Pray thee, take care, that tak’st my book in hand,
To read it well; that is, to understand.

BEN JONSON: _Epigram_ 1

When I would know thee ... my thought looks
Upon thy well made choice of friends and books;
Then do I love thee, and behold thy ends
In making thy friends books, and thy books friends.

BEN JONSON: _Epigram_ 86

If worlds were formed by matter,
And mankind from the dust;
Till time shall end more timely,
There’s nothing here to trust.

Thenceforth to evolution’s
Geology, we say,—
Nothing have we gained therefrom,
And nothing have to pray:

My world has sprung from Spirit,
In everlasting day;
Whereof, I’ve more to glory,
Wherefor, have much to pay.



[Page ix.]

[Transcriber’s Note: The original book includes line numbers throughout
the text, for easy reference to the text by page number and line number.
This transcription retains those page and line numbers; the numbers in
[square brackets] at the right ends of lines are the original book’s line
numbers. The paragraphs are not adjusted as is customary for text in
e-books, nor are words split by hyphens rejoined, so that the lines shown
below have the same words as the lines in the original book.]

A certain apothegm of a Talmudical philosopher [1]
suits my sense of doing good. It reads thus: “The
noblest charity is to prevent a man from accepting
charity; and the best alms are to show and to enable a
man to dispense with alms.” [5]

In the early history of Christian Science, among my
thousands of students few were wealthy. Now, Christian
Scientists are not indigent; and their comfortable fortunes
are acquired by healing mankind morally, physically,
spiritually. The easel of time presents pictures—once [10]
fragmentary and faint—now rejuvenated by the touch
of God’s right hand. Where joy, sorrow, hope, disap-
pointment, sigh, and smile commingled, now hope sits

To preserve a long course of years still and uniform, [15]
amid the uniform darkness of storm and cloud and
tempest, requires strength from above,—deep draughts
from the fount of divine Love. Truly may it be said:
There is an old age of the heart, and a youth that never
grows old; a Love that is a boy, and a Psyche who is [20]
ever a girl. The fleeting freshness of youth, however,
is not the evergreen of Soul; the coloring glory of

[Page x.]

perpetual bloom; the spiritual glow and grandeur of [1]
a consecrated life wherein dwelleth peace, sacred and
sincere in trial or in triumph.

The opportunity has at length offered itself for me to
comply with an oft-repeated request; namely, to collect [5]
my miscellaneous writings published in _The Christian_
_Science Journal_, since April, 1883, and republish them
in book form,—accessible as reference, and reliable as
old landmarks. Owing to the manifold demands on my
time in the early pioneer days, most of these articles [10]
were originally written in haste, without due preparation.
To those heretofore in print, a few articles are herein
appended. To some articles are affixed data, where these
are most requisite, to serve as mile-stones measuring the
distance,—or the difference between then and now,— [15]
in the opinions of men and the progress of our Cause.

My signature has been slightly changed from my
Christian name, Mary Morse Baker. Timidity in early
years caused me, as an author, to assume various _noms_
_de plume_. After my first marriage, to Colonel Glover [20]
of Charleston, South Carolina, I dropped the name of
Morse to retain my maiden name,—thinking that other-
wise the name would be too long.

In 1894, I received from the Daughters of the American
Revolution a certificate of membership made out to Mary [25]
Baker Eddy, and thereafter adopted that form of signature,
except in connection with my published works.

[Page xi.]

The first edition of Science and Health having been [1]
copyrighted at the date of its issue, 1875, in my name
of Glover, caused me to retain the initial “G” on my
subsequent books.

These pages, although a reproduction of what has [5]
been written, are still in advance of their time; and are
richly rewarded by what they have hitherto achieved for
the race. While no offering can liquidate one’s debt of
gratitude to God, the fervent heart and willing hand are
not unknown to nor unrewarded by Him. [10]

May this volume be to the reader a graphic guide-
book, pointing the path, dating the unseen, and enabling
him to walk the untrodden in the hitherto unexplored
fields of Science. At each recurring holiday the Christian
Scientist will find herein a “canny” crumb; and thus [15]
may time’s pastimes become footsteps to joys eternal.

Realism will at length be found to surpass imagination,
and to suit and savor all literature. The shuttlecock of
religious intolerance will fall to the ground, if there be
no battledores to fling it back and forth. It is reason for [20]
rejoicing that the _vox populi_ is inclined to grant us peace,
together with pardon for the preliminary battles that
purchased it.

With tender tread, thought sometimes walks in memory,
through the dim corridors of years, on to old battle- [25]
grounds, there sadly to survey the fields of the slain and
the enemy’s losses.

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